Star Citizen Launches First-Person Shooter 'Star Marine' Feature With Amazing Contents; Check It Out Here

By Mhico V. , Dec 20, 2016 10:17 AM EST

Recently, Star Citizen launched its first-person segment of the game, which is called the Star Marine. It also offers a new feature that fans will surely love. Players now have two new maps and modes to play with. With this progress of Star Citizen, fans can expect that the game will have more and more features to come regularly.

What Is Included In Star Citizen's 'Star Marine' Segment?

The two maps included in the Star Marine are the Station Demien and Echo Eleven. However, there are no videos or screenshots yet about the new maps in the game. The first new mode is the elimination, which is an all-out war. This is an amazing mode for space battles. The second mode is the last stand, where both teams will fight together to take control of four certain control points.

The two teams that are going to fight are named Outlaws and Marines. Together with the Star Marine feature is the Arena Commander, where players will need to take on waves of enemies. It is very challenging as the waves keep getting stronger until it is almost impossible to win the challenge.

What To Expect From Star Citizen After The 'Star Marine' Update?

Even though Star Citizen might still take a lot of time in the development stage, players can expect that this game is one of a kind. Rumors suggest that the game will surpass all of the fans expectations, as every progress in the development seems so perfectly done. Fans should consider this game worth the wait, though the process might take a huge amount of time. However, with the amazing features that the developer is showing right now, fans can expect that a release date will be announced soon.

Star Citizen is currently being developed and will be available for PC.

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