Proven Indian Pregnancy Tips: Here Are Scientific Steps On How To Conceive A Baby Boy

By Dante Noe Raquel II , Dec 20, 2016 04:03 PM EST

The South Indian Daily Mangalam has printed an article giving "scientific" pregnancy tips for parents to conceive a baby boy. Part of the top tips is to encourage men to eat mostly salty food, calories, mutton, not to skip breakfast, sleep facing Westside, and have sex only during the first, third, fifth, and seventh day of the week, in which the sperm is at most tougher stage. Do you believe in such truth in these claims?

The Need For Pregnancy Tips In India

According to the Tribune, in India, going to be parents prefer baby boys over girls for quite some time now. This has brought about to inhumane selected abortions and even baby girls being killed right after giving birth or discovering a mother bares a girl child. There are laws that constrain sex-selective abortion, but still that practice remains widespread in India. These have led to a decline in number of baby girls over boys in the country.

IFL Science hearsays male offspring issue in India has even lead to the judgement against women when it comes to employment, education, and even in the family life. Therefore "scientifically" recognized Pregnancy Tips for having a baby boy is in some way welcomed in the country. In history, the male-controlled mindset of people has led to the search for proven Pregnancy Tips on how to conceive a baby boy.

Pregnancy Tips Exposed

Though, there are no factual Pregnancy Tips on how to conceive a baby boy. That's because X or Y chromosomes controls it. The male has the X and Y chromosomes, while the female has two x chromosomes. However, some doctors have studied different types of approach on how to conceive a baby boy.

London Portland Hospital gynecologists Shazia Malik said "the chance of a girl or a boy at conception is totally random. There is no scientific evidence on any method that will change this statistical chance when a baby is conceived naturally."

This only means that the article on the "scientific" Pregnancy Tips on how to have a baby boy is shocking.

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