LG G6 Preview: The Biggest Rival Of Samsung S8 Next Year

By Anj C , Dec 20, 2016 05:27 PM EST

LG will really have to blow the competition out of the water with its next anticipated upcoming phone, which we believe will be called the G6. Although, speculations are spreading the modular system will be dropped. This new technology will be helping the many users to a hearty life and live well. As the technology is at the edge, we are also expecting that LG G6 will be having a waterproof technology and an eye-sensing sensor. It is also said that this device will be adding new features connecting to smart watches, VR gaming, and other LG 3D products.

Here's Everything We Think We Know About The LG G6 2017

The upcoming smartphone from LG will have a removable battery with the advanced feature of quick charging, to be in line with the top players in the market. Rumors have been rounding up of wireless charging, which is the hottest trend in the industry. Moreover, Another amazing fact is that LG G6 smartphone is said to be waterproof. As per rumors, that the flagship phone from LG would come a 4K display, while G5 which has of 5.3 inch and 2560x1440 pixels. It is believed to be powered by Snapdragon 830, the still unconfirmed processor from Qualcomm.

The RAM capacity would most likely be as high as 6GB. The dual camera set up in LG G5 has been much anticipated by the smartphone lovers. Well, LG G6 might continue with it, expectedly with some change. The modular design in G5 has made a huge disappointment, so it might be dropped in all probability in G5's successor.

LG G6 Rumored Price

With the considerations of all the features, LG G6 will obviously carry a heavy price tag. Take note, G5 was priced around $624. However, tech devotees will surely buy it to experience the premium features. LG will probably unveil the arrival of G6 at the Mobile World Congress 2017.

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