PlayStation 4 And Xbox 720: Did Sony's PS4 Already Stumble Against Microsoft?

By Jordan Mammo , Mar 18, 2013 05:25 PM EDT

Last month, Sony officially revealed the PlayStation 4 to the world. It didn't actually show off the console's body, but it did take the time to detail the system's new controller, social media features, and new games.

The unveiling generated a lot of hype, but was it enough? The PlayStation 4 will be entering a heated battle this fall with not just the Xbox 720, but the Wii U and mobile smartphones around the world; if the PS4 is to have a chance, it needs Sony to be on the ball.

According to Eric Handler, the managing director of the media & entertainment branch of MKM Partners, Sony did well to get ahead of Microsoft's Xbox 720 unveiling, so far rumored to take place in April.

"I think Sony has created some excitement in that it beat Microsoft to the market with news about a new console for this holiday season," Handler said to NowGamer.

Yet he was quick to qualify that statement by saying that, all things considered, Sony didn't quite hit the mark.

"The reaction has been somewhat mixed and we are still lacking a lot of key information."

The system's main body is obviously one thing we're still waiting to see, but Sony didn't mention a release date (outside of "holiday 2013") or price, either. Considering the PlayStation 3 launched at $600, Sony desperately needs to convince consumers that the PS4 won't be nearly as expensive.

"Price will be very important," Handler said. "Last cycle Sony really hurt itself with its $599 US launch price. Even though it had the most powerful system consumers weren't interested at that price point, especially when considering the system lacked sufficient exclusive titles to win back market share from Microsoft."

Pointing to the PlayStation 4, Handler made a similar argument.

"I didn't think the Sony press conference showed enough exclusives to give themselves that big of a leg up at this point in time," he said.

Of course, holiday 2013 is still quite a ways off, but it's true that Sony lavished the PS4 with praise while failing to offer much in the way of unique content. Sony will have a great chance to detail great exclusives, a reasonable price, and release date at this June's Electronic Entertainment Expo, so let's hope it seizes the opportunity.

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