App Spotlight: Prisma Introduces New Location-Based Feed And Full Res Images.

By Tishya , Dec 21, 2016 10:00 AM EST

Prisma, which was one of the most popular photo-editing application both in android and iOS this year, has introduced yet another useful and cool feature to its users. The feed feature and freedom from square-sized photo based restrictions. The new features are announced on Dec 20, 2016 and updated on all the app stores on the same date.

What The Users Get From The Update

The feed tab enables Prisma users to enjoy the freedom of spreading and sharing their artwork to the social network. It also allows the Prisma users to see what other users are trying their skills at using the photo-editing app as well as knowing about some other cool hangouts near the same location.

This means that the next time a user transforms a photo taken at the Niagra Falls, the user can also check how the other users edited their photos at the same location. Much like any other social media platform, the more likes the photo or artwork is going to get, the more it becomes popular. "The more likes the post gets, the further the post gets, it could cover the whole world," said Airam Airapetyan, Prisma's co-founder.

The next big thing the Prisma update brings is the removal of the square formatting for images. Now the user can crop the photo in a free size depending on what they see fit. So now, users do not have to worry about cutting the image. The app now also shows images in full resolution. "It will make our users come back to the app more often," added Airapetyan on how the update will help the app gain more popularity and users.

When The Update Is Available On Android And iOS

The updated features are going to be available from today on both android and iOS, but unfortunately the free-size photo function is only available on iOS for now. Although, given the app's growing popularity, it should not take that long for the feature to arrive on Android devices.

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