‘Minecraft’ Latest News: Update 1.11.1 Adds Something New And Fresh Like Rocket-Propelled Elytra Flight, Sweeping Edge Improvements And Many More

The game developer of Minecraft has recently released its Update 1.11.1 giving many of its die-hard fans a cause to celebrate. Every time an update is released, it seems there are new and fresh things added to the game that makes it more enjoyable and exciting to play. The recent update is the same with amazing features that the game developer has incorporated.

Great Improvements Are Added In This Latest Update

Although these updates will primarily benefit PC users, console players should not feel they are neglected because these new things are heading their way too and soon. According to the game developer, Minecraft Update 1.11.1 will include a rocket-propelled elytra flight. An enhancement of the Sweeping Edge for swords is also included.

Additional changes that were made by the developer in Minecraft include the attack indicator. This new feature will give a clear indication to a player just when he can launch a successful attack. And to make the gameplay as problem-free as possible, the recent Minecraft Update 1.11.1 comes with the required bug fixes. This is just a normal part of every game update.

Players Will Be Able To Rocket Through The Skies With Fireworks

The addition of the elytra flight is probably the biggest improvement in Minecraft Update 1.11.1. With this new feature, a player will be able to take to the skies. And with the addition of the rockets, it will enable the player to rocket the aircraft into the air by means of its powerful fireworks.

The Minecraft Update 1.11.1 will most probably be available first as a PC version. This is the way Mojang, the game developer, usually introduces its game updates. Later, it will launch the update to game consoles, mobile devices, and then probably in Windows 10 special edition in the future. In this regard, those who are using Xbox One and PS4 units won't have to wait long to have their own console versions of the video game.

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