Music Might Regulate Brain Dopamine To Change Mood

Music has been known to affect people's mood. People who would like to change their mood listen to music that would suit what they feel. Now there might be more evidence of this as music might regulate brain dopamine to change the mood, as a study shows.

Sound in general affects the mood of a person. Noise can be distracting and can make a person feel grumpy. Music can put a person at ease, depending on what type of music is being played. A study by imaging genetics has been done by Professor Elvira Brattico from Aarhus University. The study has been done along with the University of Helsinki in two Italian hospitals.

The study shows that music can regulate dopamine in order to change a person's mood. While music can regulate dopamine though, its effect can be different from one person to another. The study focused on the dopamine D2 receptor DRD2 rs 1076560. This dopamine receptor modulates the impact music has on brain activity.

Certain people can have their mood improved if they listen to music. GG genotypes have their mood improve when they listen to music. GT genotypes have their mood go down if they hear noise. The study shows a biological difference in how sound affects emotions, according to Science Daily.

Tiziana Quarto, a Ph.D. student from the University of Helsinki and first author of the study remarked that the study has observed a link between genes and genotypes in looking at variations in how behavior is altered. Professor Brattico added that the study shows that a non-pharmacological method of altering mood has been seen in music. This shows that music can actually affect the mood of a person.

The study could be used later on to have a more personalized way of treating brain disorders through music, Professor Brattico has said. The study has shown that sound can have different effects on people, as Eureka Alert reports. With the study, it can be seen that music might regulate brain dopamine in order to change mood. Another study has that smell test can detect the early onset of Alzheimer's.

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