Celebrities Demanding Twitter To Take Action Against Abuse After Alt-Right Leader Accuses Comedian Of Being A Phedophile

By Edge Ison , Dec 22, 2016 03:29 AM EST

When liberal humorist Vic Berger IV threw some jokes at Mike Cernovich's expense, he wasn't expecting to become the subject of a witch hunt. But with a guy like Cernovich involved, the issue is nothing new.

The issue in question revolves around Cernovich's accusations of Berger being a pedophile.

Cernovich spread the rumor in retaliation for Berger's actions against him. Berger started off with an email and another "joke" asking his fans to write Cernovich. His obviously did not sit well with Cernovich who proceeded to call him a pedophile and allowing his supporters to take action by fanning the flames, which he is quite known for.

Cernovich is behind a number of conspiracy theories with the Pizzagate scandal among the worst he ever thought of. The conspiracy revolves around the Comet Ping Pong, a pizza parlor in D.C, which he claims is a front for a child sex ring ran by Hillary Clinton and other Democrats.

Berger is taking a break from social media particularly Twitter after getting a substantial amount of online abuse from supporters of the alt-right leader. Celebrities such as Patton Oswalt ("Agents of Shield","The Secret Life of Walter Mitty") and Tim Heidecker ("Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie", "Bob's Burgers").

Oswalt and Heidecker has called on Tiwtter CEO Jack Dorsey to do something about the harassment that their friend currently faces.

Oswalt tweeted, "Hey Jack? Please look into this? Cernovich is looking to hurt a good friend of mine using your platform. Thank you."

Heidecker, meanwhile, re-posted an article by NYMag titled "How Mike Cernovich is Pizzagating His Latest Victim" along with the phrase "Stand with @VicBergerIV".

The comedian is known for creating short videos that tackle politics and media using humor as his main weapon. Cernovich, meanwhile, like to spew out hatred and accusations in his website, Danger and Play. Cernovich also happens to be a Trump supporter who instigated the Pizzagate controversy.

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