Netflix's Twitter Account Got Notoriously Hacked

By Monica U Santos , Dec 22, 2016 04:46 AM EST

One of the Twitter accounts of Netflix, an American multinational entertainment company, was hacked on Wednesday by a group of hackers named as "OurMine."

Netflix's Twitter Account Got Notoriously Hacked

There are several mocking tweets that were sent from the Netflix U.S. Twitter account (@netflix). “#Hacked #Ourmine Please visit out website to upgrade your security, Thanks,” read one of the hacked tweets, while the other was somewhat more comforting, saying “Hey, it’s OurMine, Don’t worry we are just testing your security, contact us to tell you more about that” along with the group’s email address. Some of the tweets were deleted in less than 10 minutes.

Netflix has since gotten its account back and deleted OurMine’s promotional tweets, as is always the case when this type of thing happens, as per BGR. OurMine has a long history of finding its way into popular accounts, but rarely offers an explanation of exactly how they do it. However, one former alleged OurMine associate claims that the group owes its hacks to databases of hacked account information like LeakedSource. OurMine denies that this is the case.

OurMine, A Group Of Hackers

According to Fortune, OurMine is a well-known group of hackers. It is recognized for breaking into high-profile social media accounts, including those of Twitter of CEO Jack Dorsey, Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg account and other media outlets such as Forbes and TechCrunch. But this is far from the first time OurMine has taken a headline in 2016.

OurMine is well known for breaking into high-profile social media accounts. After hacking Netflix's twitter account, OurMine switched targets, and took over a series of Marvel accounts, including as well as accounts for Marvel Music and Marvel characters like Dr. Strange, Captain America, and The Avengers, according to Variety.


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