'Don't Diet, Eat!' 102-Year-Old's Secret Tip For Long Life

By Anne Dominguez , Dec 22, 2016 12:06 PM EST

It looks like the secret to long life is not what most people imagine. With so many types of diet promising healthier, slimmer bodies -- here is a 102-year-old woman advising youngster not to follow any diets at all. Born in 1914, Concetta Talucci celebrated her 102nd birthday in an assisted home in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

Previously we have heard other seemingly outrageous life advices from other centenarian -- like drinking booze and eating greasy food.  Mildred Bowers from Mount Pleasant, South Carolina who just turned 103 celebrated her birthday with a large glass of beer. She attributed her long life to good genes but it is not the first time that alcohol is linked to long life.

Grace Jones from England found her elixir of life with whiskey. She said she always have a little drop of whiskey every night as she celebrates her 109th birthday in 2015. Agnes Fenton from New Jersey who celebrated her 110th birthday also in 2015 attributed her long life to enjoying Miller High Life and shots of Johnny Walker Blue Label. On the other hand, the oldest man in UK at 109 found his secret to long life on eating greasy food. 

"Just don't diet. Eat! Eat everything you see," Talucci shared her secret tip to longevity to CBS Philly. However, Talucci had a follow up to that. "... but not overeat," she said. She also revealed that she previously worked as a glass blower and in the emergency room of a hospital. Her younger sister, who is 99 years old, is also present at the party.   

On the other hand, a longevity study in the University of California also defied common beliefs. The researchers concluded that people who are workaholics, serious and persistent live longer and healthier lives than those who are cheerful and has sense of humor.  


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