The 'Muriwai Monster' Of New Zealand: Oh No! Is It The Gateway Of Aliens?

A huge and bizarre object has recently and unknowingly emerged on the shores of a certain New Zealand beach. The mysterious object has then sparked various speculations about its origins, some particularly known to be bizarre conspiracy theories about what it might be, most of which says that it is the gateway of aliens here on Earth. The twitching black mass that has been washed up on Muriwai Beach, 25 miles northwest of Auckland, New Zealand, has then found to have taken the world by storm since its discovery about a week ago.

The 'Muriwai Monster' Of New Zealand: Is It Really Made By Aliens?

According to reports revealed by News, Melissa Doubleday, a local resident of the area said that she has come across the strange object. After seeing it, she was then baffled by the discovery which was then later found out to be the "Muriwai Monster". Doubleday explains that she first thought of it as a washed up whale, but as she came closer, it became more and more absurd.

Moreover, as Doubleday has allegedly shared the photos that she has taken on social media, people around the world has then began speculating that it was a sea monster, a "beach Christmas tree," or even an alien time travel capsule. However, as Dogo News reports it, it turns out that the "Muriwai Monster" is not some fantasy-based beast straight out of a Harry Potter book. According to experts at the New Zealand Marine Sciences Society, it is merely a large piece of driftwood overrun by a species of gooseneck barnacles called Lepas anatifera.

It was found that gooseneck barnacles are filter-feeding crustaceans that live attached to hard surfaces along the shorelines between the tide marks. Experts have further added that although gooseneck barnacles are a type of shellfish, these are the only sessile crustaceans in the world. Thus, they are found to behave like oysters and produce a cement-like substance that glues them to submerged objects, which includes ship hulls, piers, and even sea turtles, for their entire life.

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