7-11 Beats Amazon With Its Remarkable Drone Delivery System

There has been a widespread competition between 7-11 and Amazon. They have been one of the known providers taking delivery to a higher level; mainly innovative and more efficient for its avid customers. But it seems like 7-11 is getting ahead of all its competitors as they successfully affiliated drones in their delivery system.

7-11 Completes Delivery System Through Drones

According to Tech Radar, While Google and Amazon are progressively connecting aircrafts to their delivery system, 7-11 seems to be done doing all of that this year. The convenience store shocked the world when it successfully launched 77 individual deliveries-by-drone last November.

A news report told that 7-11 has been working with Flirtey to operate the drones used for the newly-released delivery system. Various customers from Reno, NV voluntarily commits in participating to the test delivery made by the company.

The system works this way: participating customers would put their orders from the long list of products provided by 7-11 using a specially designed shopping application.The drone, directed by GPS, will then make a delivery to its consumers in not more than ten minutes.

Reports told that Flirtey has been blatantly admitting that the collaboration with 7-11 has been one of the most successful drone works that they have made. They even tagged the situation as monumental when the first drop-off landed in the consumer's abode.

7-11 Wows Customers With Delivery System But Admits Taking Risk

On the other hand, it was told that Google and Amazon are still in the works of producing a gadget that would eventually look like the one in 7-11's. It is believed that the convenience store had taken risks when it comes to the legal boundaries in drone operation.

It was revealed that 7-11 and Flirtey went to take on baby steps in their delivery system. They only put on customers that would be near its operators, unlike Google and Amazon which thought of the opposite. With this, they were able to adjust on the requirements given by the authorities regarding drone operations; giving them the greatest chance to be the first-ever successful operator of the drone delivery process.

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