Uber's Creepy Update: New Features Turn Friends Into Destinations

By stphntapulao , Dec 22, 2016 05:36 PM EST

Uber is one of the most helpful tools to ease the pain of commuting from one place to another. When learned about the application, many supported it by utilizing it and promoting it through the online community. However, it seems like Uber is adding up features that would not attract consumers but instead unleash the creep inside them.

Uber Adds Snapchat Filters, Application Lets You Track Your Friends' Location

A news report told that Uber has revealed two of its new updates in their driving application. First is the custom Snapchat filter that would only be used during a ride in an Uber. This update would eventually take your selfies online and would be publicly posted. In one of Uber statements, it admitted that riders would get to see a Snap card in their own feed. Once clicked, consumers should choose from the variety of Snapchat filters in the application. After the selfie is done, just swipe to the right.

Some believed that the Snapchat update is somehow not connected to what the driving application should look like. However, some also don't brush off the idea that it could be a form of entertainment while taking an Uber ride.

The next update is explained by the company with this statement:

Where are you? Where's that again? These are common questions we ask friends and family when meeting up. If you're catching up with friends when out of town, meeting your sister at the mall, or joining coworkers for drinks, now you can skip the back and forth. Just Uber directly to them!

Instead of rushing to look for an address to find a friend, you could just sync in their contact numbers in the application. Then, they would eventually receive a notification regarding this and once they accepted it, Uber would locate their destination giving you an access to your friends' current place.

Some think it's creepy while others believed that it so much essential in their lives as they struggle to locate the whereabouts of the people closest to them.

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