Gold-Plated Trump iPhones Now Available: Everything You Need To Know About This Eccentric Device

By Luis Fran , Dec 22, 2016 08:30 PM EST

The iPhone 7 was one of the most outstanding smartphones in 2017, to the point in which there have been many stores and users that have made different designs for it, in order to make it stylishly customized. However, this situation just got to a whole new level, since now there´s gold-plated Trump iPhones, which are the Apple´s latest flagships, encrusted with diamonds, encased with gold and bearing the face of the new American president on the back.

The Gold-Plated Trump Iphones Can Be Bought At $151,000

According to CNN Money, the gold-plated Trump iPhones can be found on Goldgenie, which is a famous store in the United Arab Emirates that is characterized for selling products that only the wealthiest people can afford. Of course, this phone is not exactly the exception, since its price is no less than $ 151,000.

Regarding this bizarre and opulent object, the managing director of the store, Frank Fernando, explained that only the richest individuals in the world visit this place, which main purpose is to offer the perfect gift to those who already have everything. Also, he said that the most curious detail about the gold-plate Trump iPhones is that the idea came from a Chinese woman that he believes could have some kind of relation with the American president, and wanted to give him this mobile device as a gift for becoming the chief of state.

The Gold-Plated Trump iPhones Has Become Quite Popular

As reported by Fortune, Goldgenie has received more than 8 additional orders for the gold-plated Trump iPhones in the last weeks, which clearly represents the popularity of a product that can be considered as the perfect exemplification of eccentricity. Nevertheless, it also shows the popularity of the store, which was founded in London in the 80s, and have been characterized for selling a high numbers of gold items, to the point in which it offers the possibility of covering an entire with solid gold, if the customers want it and is able to pay it.

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