Here's The Reason Why Super Mario Run Costs $9.99

By Gen Que , Dec 23, 2016 04:00 AM EST

Since Super Mario Run debuted on the iOS platform last week, it has received mixed reviews but when it comes to criticisms, the most prevalent complaint was about its price. Critics say that the $9.99 price tag is too expensive for a mobile game. However, there is a valid reason why the price is reasonable.

According to Pocket Gamer, if Super Mario Run were a micro-transaction game, the result would be garbage. First of all, the game will suddenly shut down just when you are already enjoying it because you have to purchase the next level or some of the basic functionality of the game.

On the other hand, if you decided not to pay for the game and use Facebook instead, you'll have to continually bug your friends and send them annoying game requests for you to play the next level. What if they decided to ignore your requests? Then you are stuck where you are and waiting for someone else's mercy and goodwill.

However, the worst and most annoying thing that could happen if Super Mario Run were a free-to-play game is that you could suddenly lose the game you've worked for just because you were unable to buy the required item to bring you to the next level.

Other re-imagined scenarios that are common in free-to-play game include going back to the previous level to earn more coins and unlock the next level, and buying a bigger coin wallet because you can only carry as much coins.

With all the in-app purchases you have to buy in order to purchase the game, it won't be a surprise that the price would amount to more than $9.99. However, that won't be noticeable since it is not a one-time purchase. Therefore, Nintendo has given everyone a reasonable price for Super Mario Run, not to mention saving you the hassle of stopping in between games.

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