Khloe Kardashian Loses 11 Pounds; From Breakfast To Dinner, Cravings, And So Much More- Here’s How She Did It

Khloe Kardashian, 32, describes herself as "badass" in terms of maintaining her sexy body. Her efforts are not only focused on working out and strength training. Khloe also exerts effort in eating the right kind of food to achieve holistic fitness.

Khloe, who dropped 11 pounds, can be seen running to a sauna bag and jumping rope with her personal trainer, Gunnar Peterson. The "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star obviously doesn't take her training lightly. And obviously enough, all her hardwork pays off.

Peterson recommended a nutritionist to Khloe after a year and a half of working together. The nutritionist rebuilt her diet gradually such as eliminating carbonated drinks. Following this consultation, Khloe started buying healthy options while indulging once in a while. She believes that it is important to not deprive herself of her cravings once in a while. She further emphasizes that the key is moderation.

Khloe enumerates her favourite healthy meals with further details on how she handles her cravings:

Breakfast And Lunch

Khloe loves cooking breakfast. She loves pancakes. Her breakfasts are mostly routine because she is not a breakfast person.

"I had to train myself to do that. I have steel cut oats with flaxseed powder. I love making protein shakes-in a smoothie, not like a shaker powder. I do berries, banana, almond butter. Every lunch is pretty much a salad. On our show, you see all we do is eat salads. We have Health Nut, which is just, like, amazing," she adds.


She confirms she is a grazer. She cuts fruits and vegetables in her fridge as she can can snack on them all day. Khloe confirms her love for hummus, cucumbers, and jicama. She freezes grapes as she loves munching on something when she's in bed.


Khloe is "obsessed with edamame." It has 15 grams of protein per serving. She says she can edamame or snap peas with rice. She can also make Armenian rice .

Going Dairy-Free

She confirms having to go dairy-free for two weeks. She lost almost 11 pounds. As of now, she only drinks almond mill. She still loves cheese which makes the diet hard. However, she confirms that if she wanted to lose weight quickly, dairy-free diets are the easiest way.

On Knowing What's Right For Her Body

Khloe confirms she is unable to process carbs well after 3 p.m.-unlike Kim Kardashian who can eat anything. Her nutritionist said that Kim's body metabolizes carbs faster compared to her. Khloe therefore learned not to eat carbs past 2 p.m. She can eat sweet potatoes or rice but not other carbs.

On Dealing With Cravings

"What's crazy is that at my house, I'm so used to it, I don't crave [sweets] here. But if it's something new, like a new candy, I'm like 'Ooh, I need to have that.' And then I'll get over it." she said.

Khloe admits that when she goes to other houses however, her cravings are heightened as she gets very excited. Her key however is moderation. If she was a piece of cake, she is going to eat cake and work out harder the next day.

Khloe doesn't believe in limiting herself. She believes everything should be taken in moderation. "Kourtney wants me to have like gluten-free Oreos, but they're nasty. If I'm having an Oreo, it's gonna be a real Oreo," she added.

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