10 Food Trends That Made Twitter Hungry

By Joana Verdeflor , Dec 23, 2016 10:58 PM EST

Twitter wraps up this year with a good sumptuous memory of the most hashtagged food and drink items users have talked about in 2016.

10. #Starbucks

The red cups might have caused its fans to get excited about Starbucks. After all, this famous brand is more than just coffee.

9. #Breakfast

Certainly, it is made for champions. Breakfast remains to be the most important meal of the day, good food only fit for kings and queens.

8. #Beer

Because Friday nights and game nights are worth it, why not snuggle and cuddle for the weekend with pizza and a bottle of beer?

7. #Chocolate

Who has ever gotten wrong with chocolates? Everyone loves their own share of serotonins after all.

6. #Water

As basic and default as it may sound, water is a need.

5. #Pizza

What good is #Beer without #Pizza? What good are weekends for? As what they usually say, you can never go wrong with pizza.

 4. #Wine

This spot proves true about the studies that report millennials to be the largest consumers of alcoholic beverages.

3. #Vegan

It's a must to tweet something healthy once in a while.

2. #Coffee

Caffeine has become a lifestyle of this generation. Why not give it a shot at the second spot for #Coffee that received millions of hash tags in a span of twelve months?

1. #Lemonade

This generation have explored and enjoyed a series of healthy revolutions which media has so creatively offered. On second thoughts, this could also be all about Beyonce.

Tweeter summarizes a fun history of events and trends that have made another year an unforgettable encounter among its users yet again. Marked with color and creativity, these hashtagged words reflect individual stories and growth as the year moves towards newer beginnings.

2016 therefore ends with the realization that food stories will always be good stories, wherever or whoever you may be.

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