Resident Evil 7 News: Leak Teases Exciting Features, Here's What We Know

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard will be available sooner. Fans have tried the demo game that earned positive feedbacks from the players. The good news for them is that there are leaks circulating on the internet about what players can expect once they started playing it.

The Plot Of Resident Evil 7 Revealed

A lot of players have been thinking about what will be the game's story. The horrific game will have nine chapters, as per Games Radar. Some of the Reddit users said that the chapter one of Resident Evil 7 will be about saving Mia and follows where the kidnappers will take her. On chapter two, the players need to protect themselves with a knife and open a garage.

The chapter three of Resident Evil 7 will be about exploring the main building of the plantation. The players need to fight with Jack and get all the crests found in the chapter. The fourth chapter will start on finding a trailer that seems to be the shop in the game.

This chapter will lead the players to Marguerite who is the second boss in Resident Evil 7. The players need to watch out with the lantern that the boss will drop to solve the puzzle in the chapter. In the fifth chapter, the players will encounter with Lucas.

The players will continue to solve more puzzles in that chapter. Lucas loves childish games that are why the puzzles will include birthday cakes and puppets. In chapter six of Resident Evil 7, they have to help Zoe to create a serum.

Jack will be attacking again on chapter six. The fight between the players and the main protagonist will be called Mukade Jack. On chapter seven, players will be Mia. They have to save Ethan and to survive. On the eighth chapter, players will explore some sort of mines.

Eveline will be around the area in that chapter. There will be an unknown boss that players need to face once they have reached this far. On the last chapter, the players will face the strongest boss in Resident Evil 7.

Other Leaked Details About Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7 fans were shocked when there are leaked details about the game. According to iDIgital Times, the weapons in the game will be including Hand Axe, Knife, Bar, five varieties of handguns, four types of shotguns, machine gun and much more.

The players can use any weapon that can protect themselves from zombies in Resident Evil 7. Players believe that there will be tutorials included in the soon-to-be-released game. Some of the rumored tutorials in the game are use steroid, use stabilizer, tracker and other words that look like instructions.

Resident Evil 7 fans are too excited when it comes to their beloved thrilling yet an action-packed game that will be available next month. They are wishing that what have been leaked will be the real plot and features of the game.

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