Nokia Lumia Smartphones May Get Solar Charging

By Sumit Passary , Mar 20, 2013 01:35 PM EDT

Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820, released in November 2012, were the first smartphones to have wireless charging capability. Now it seems that Nokia Lumia smartphones may also have solar charging capabilities.

Wireless charging is still relatively new in the smartphone industry and all the handsets use Qi inductive technology. It will be a big change if effective solar charging capability is introduced to portable devices.  

Nokia notes on its Facebook page: "Sun, sun, sun, here we come!" along with a picture which depicts a man holding a Lumia smartphone and the back of the handset is faced toward the sun, presumably to charge the device.

Nokia has not confirmed anything about solar charging so we don't know if the Facebook post points toward solar charging. This isn't the first time that solar charging and Nokia have been mentioned together. A previous report indicated that Nokia was working on solar charging technology for its devices.

"Wysips has a goal to implement solar technology into a wide variety of appliances, including LCD screens and smartphones. Our interest is [sic]peeked, as is a mobile device manufacturer. Nokia? Possibly, but without further information we can't call names just yet," said WPCentral.

Solar chargers have been used with other gadgets and devices take more time to charge when compared to traditional electrical outlet charging. With solar charging, a user depends only on sunshine and will have tough luck if he/she needs to charge a Lumia handset at night (like most of us do).

However, solar charging your smartphones may be useful when you are talking in daylight and do not have any charge left on your handset.

We will have to wait until more information is revealed by Nokia on solar charging, which devices will support solar charging and when the company plans to release the technology to its devices.

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