CERN Antimatter Research: Unleashing 'Hell On Earth'?

By Christie Abagon , Dec 25, 2016 09:04 PM EST

The European Organization for Nuclear Research, or CERN, has been studying for decades to unlock the mystery of antimatter. Just recently, they made a breakthrough, but some religious groups are not happy, saying CERN has created a "hell on earth".

Scientists believe that the Big Bang produced equal amounts of matter and antimatter. They cancel each other out until only a relatively small amount of matter remained and antimatter vanished.

Scientists At CERN Were Able To Tickle Antimatter Atoms And Make Them Shine

CERN scientists spent decades to figure out how to create an antimatter and trap it long enough to do some tests. In a paper published in Nature, the team reported the first cautious result from an experiment with antihydrogen. Just this week, they were able to tackle atoms of antimatter and make them shine by using a laser.

The antihydrogen atom responded the same way a hydrogen atom would under the light. The scientific community has applauded this discovery and said that this is a major step in understanding the universe.

Some Critics Say CERN Is Building A 'Kingdom Of The Antichrist'

However, some religious groups beg to disagree. According to Christian Truther, CERN is building the "kingdom of the antichrist." The website also said that antimatter would be a "demonically charged particle retrieved from the pit, bringing with it chaos and destruction."

Many Scientists believe that this successful discovery is worthy of a Nobel Prize. CERN has spent at least 20 years before they were able to successfully measure the optical spectrum of an antimatter atom. Jeffrey Hangst of the European Organisation for Nuclear Research said that this achievement opens up a new era in high-precision antimatter research. The team is now planning to refine the experiment by using techniques developed for hydrogen over the past 200 years, to map in precise detail the atomic spectrum of antihydrogen.

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