What Do We Know So Far About Upcoming AMD Ryzen Processor?

By Victor Thomson , Dec 26, 2016 03:03 AM EST
The shares of the chipmaking giant AMD are up over 10 percent. (Photo : TheVideosChannel/YouTube)

A leaked review suggests that AMD's upcoming Ryzen processor beats Intel's Core i7-6900K processor.

Intel Vs. AMD In 2017

According to Forbes, when it comes to PC hardware, the year 2017 looks like it could be one of the most interesting for a decade. PC enthusiasts can look forward to some very exciting new launches from AMD and Intel.

On top of the interest list is the battle between AMD's new Ryzen processor and Intel's Core i7-6900K. The upcoming AMD processor has been announced last week with some considerable evidence that it will be a strong rival for Intel's high-end desktop processors.

Up to date, since it introduced the Core architecture back in 2006, Intel has enjoyed a clear lead in efficiency and performance. PC enthusiasts enjoyed a fierce competition between the two companies before Intel's Core architecture was launched on the market and this could return in early 2017.

Intel plans to launch new products in 2017. Its Kaby Lake range of processors will succeed the current Skylake lineup. Three new Intel CPUs are catering to enthusiasts, including the Core i7-7700K, the Core i5-7600K, and the budget Core i3-7350K.

Just weeks away from the official launch of its next-gen CPU architecture, things are really heating up for Intel with a leaked review of AMD's new Ryzen processor.

AMD's Upcoming Ryzen Processor

The leaked review analyzed the new Ryzen CPU with 3.15 GHz base and 3.3 GHz boost clock speed. However, AMD has confirmed that Ryzen will work at a clock speed of 3.4 GHz and also leave room for overclocking.

According to Tweaktown, the review was performed by CPCHardware, a PC magazine in France. Its technicians analyzed an engineering sample set out to the press under NDA.

The benchmark has used a bunch of render programs being run on the $1000 Intel Core i7-6900K processor vs the Ryzen CPU at 3.3 GHz. The power consumption on AMD's Ryzen processor is impressive, with only 93W of power being consumed against the 96W on the 6900K. While the gaming benchmarks are not as good for AMD, tech experts point out that we're looking here at un-optimized results with low clock speeds and a very early motherboard sample.

We already know that AMD Ryzen has eight cores and 16 threads, but the company has yet to provide exact technical details on its turbo speeds. According to tech experts, we can expect a turbo frequency of anything up to 4GHz.

One of the great features of the Ryzen chip is its TDP under 100W. According to Windows Central, this is a very good performance in terms of processor power consumption, when one considers that Ryzen is expected to rival Intel's i7-6900K with its 140 TDP.

A Ryzen model with 20 MB of cache will also be available. From the 20 MB of cache, 16 MB are shared by all cores, while 4MB is L2 cache (512KB per core). The processor is based on AMD's latest SenseMI technology.

AMD has been working on optimizing its new Ryzen chip, unlocking enhanced levels of efficiency. The SenseMI technology automatically monitors voltage and temperature readings across the board. Depending on current stats, the performance parameters are adjusted accordingly. With available cooling right out-the-box, this allows getting the most out of the Ryzen CPU.

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