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Google is the most used search engine in the world with individuals from all over using the platform for everything - from professional research to looking up recipes and cat videos. It has become a melting pot for all types of information and is prefered because of its speed and accuracy. But more than that, it has grown into much more than a search engine.

According to InternetLiveStats, Google experiences over 40,000 searches every second of every day. That equates to about 3.5 billion searches a day and 1.2 trillion a year - on average. But the search engine does more than just connect a user to its desired article or website. On its own, the site offers so much more.

As Life Buzz notes, there is some fun associated with Google, which is as easily attainable as most things are with the site. And though these have been around for quite some time, they may not be used as often or as widely. Below are a few things individuals can use the site for in their everyday lives.

  1. By simply typing out the exact time, Google can act as a countdown timer, which can be stopped, restarted and reset according to one's preference and needs.

  2. It can give exact times for various questions. Whether it is the time in a different country or the time for the sunset or sunrise, Google quickly displays results before providing a link to any third-party site.

  3. By typing in "Zerg Rush" in the search bar, users are opening the world to one of Google's hidden games. By definition, users must battle against numerous weak opponents at one time - and will most likely be defeated after some time.

  4. Another great game to play is "Atari Breakout." The words simply need to be typed into the images page of Google for users to experience the iconic brick breaker game.

  5. Google also acts as a pretty reliable weatherperson. By simply typing a city's name and "forecast," users will be provided the estimated weather of that area.

  6. Another thing that Google can do is specify searches. By indicating the specific website, the search engine will limit all results to that site. Users can experiment with this by typing "site:*name of the website* *keywords."

  7. Almost in the same way, users can also quickly see definitions of words without having to go through an online dictionary. "Define:*word*" is all that is needed to be placed in the search engine.

  8. Google also provides quick access to various flights without users having to go to the specific airline. The only thing necessary is the flight number and the airline, and the company will give a detailed overview of the current status. The results are given in real-time as well.

  9. Time's Motto notes that Google can also give comparisons of various food as long as the user types "vs" between the two contenders. The company will then provide vital details such as the amount of carbohydrates, protein, and others.

  10. Flipping a coin is made digitally possible by Google. Pressing the mic icon and saying "Flip a coin" or "Heads or tails" activates this feature.

There is much more to Google than it just being a middleman between a user and a third-party website. In addition to its size and power and influence in the tech industry, it is simple and effective at the core - which is why most individuals prefer it. The company is able to give users and consumers what they want, even when they do not know what it is.

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