Hacking Cell Phones Will Be More Difficult With This New Development

While smartphones today might be advanced in many ways, hacking cell phones is easy as they are even more connected than ever. Many manufacturers are looking for ways to prevent smartphones from being hacked. A new way might have been found, as hacking cells will be more difficult with this new development.

Today radio frequency identification or RFID is very much around. It used almost everywhere, from credit cards and passports and others. The technology is even used in mobile banking. Apple Pay and Google Wallet is using an advanced form of RFID for mobile payment. With such a widespread use, breaching its security can also be likely.

Associate Professor Li Yingjiu from the Singapore Management University (SMU) School of Information Systems is trying to build better safeguards for RFID. That starts by finding a way to have a check on the information that is read by RFID readers. Hackers can try to intercept that information as it is being passed to the reader.

To have a better checking system, Professor Li and his team are making new RFID protocols that have better safety features. Professor Li is also concerned about vulnerabilities in smartphones, as mobile banking and commerce become common. Professor Li in 2012 has identified several attacks that are aimed iPhones, according to the Singapore Management University's site.

The findings of Li and his team had been given to Apple, which used them to secure iOs the following year. Li is also working on looking for vulnerabilities in Android, as Science Daily reports. There are a number of attacks which could be aimed at it as well as Google. His team is also working on smartphone vulnerability analysis tools along with Huawei.

Professor Li is also working with Professor Robert Deng on an attribute-based encryption. This type of encryption can give owners more control on who they can give access to the data they have. Despite its promise though, Li said it is still hard to convince industries to adopt this new type of protection.

Security is vital today as hacking becomes even more a reality. Hacking cell phones will be more difficult with this new development of security technology. The smartphone has a new use, as it can be used for scientific purposes as well.

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