The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Will Be Amazing And Unbeatable

Surface Pro 4 On A Discount, Pro 5 Coming Soon?
The company may be silent about the Surface Pro 5 but considering the discounts given to the Surface Pro 4, it's hard to let go of the possibility that the Surface Pro 5 is coming. Photo : Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Microsoft may not be the most popular brand when it comes to smartphones. However, when talking about computers, everyone knows that the company can deliver. In fact, Microsoft's Surface division has been quite a known brand for laptops and tablets. Even their most recent all-in-one PC has been commended by reviewers. This goes to show that Microsoft knows exactly what it is doing when it comes to computers.

This is why when talking about the upcoming Surface Pro 5, most people know that this device could be the most amazing tablet of its season. It's worth noting that the Surface Pro 4 has been one competitive tablet for quite a long time. Microsoft did not release the Pro 5 one year after Pro 4's release which simply suggests that they don't have to. The Surface Pro 4 is still competitive even if it is already a year old. Needless to say, when the Surface Pro 5 gets released, it is also expected to be incredible and superior to its competitors. Here's why:

Above-average Specs

The Surface Pro 5 will be above average, that's an almost-sure info. The Surface Pro 4's specs are way beyond what the average tablet offers during its season which simply implies that the successor has a good chance of following its footsteps. Sure, the above-average specs come with a corresponding price tag but for people needing such technologies, the high price is pretty worth it.

According to rumors, the Surface Pro 5 will be powered by PC-level processors from Intel. It should also have full Surface Pen integration and have an improved keyboard accessory. It is pretty much expected that the Surface Pro 5 will be a PC-level tablet device, not only because it is a 2-in-1 tablet but also because of its powerful internals.

High-tech Features

The best thing about Surface devices is that they usually come with more perks than your average brands. This means that with the Surface Pro 5, we can see features that have never been provided by any other tablets on the market. It's still hard to predict what these may be considering Microsoft's lack of generous info, but's it's pretty certain that the Surface Pro 5 will come with features that are way too high-tech for your average brands.

Premium Flagship 2-in-1 Tablet

It is worth noting that the Surface Pro 5 is Microsoft's upcoming flagship tablet. Since the Pro 5 is a flagship device, it should have all the top-notch specs and features that the company can provide. This means that this device will be uber-premium and have all the extra glitz and glamor that most flagships come with. Unlike regular releases that only come with the needed features, flagship devices have the tempting bonus features that make them more superior than its competitors.

As for the supposed Microsoft Surface Pro 5, it could come with an Intel Kaby Lake processor and a 4K display variant, as per Tech Times. This device could also go as high as 16 GB when it comes to the RAM size and its Surface Pen could be magnetically attached to the tablet's body for charging and storage purposes. As a whole, there's no doubt that Microsoft is doing its best to retain the good reputation the Surface Pro 4 has established. With that, the Surface Pro 5 could be one of the company's best devices produced.

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