Quit Smoking Tips: How To Do It The Natural Way

Due to the rise of smoke-related deaths, a huge number of people are desperate for quit smoking tips. Despite the developments in modern pharmacological treatments and psychological cures, the success rate for reducing the itch to smoke is moderate at best.

According to a recent report from the American Cancer Association, if the present trend on smoking continues, about one person every six seconds will die due to smoking or second-hand exposure. Despite this dire warning, the number of people who have successfully stopped smoking is low.

So why is it so difficult to stop smoking? According to substance abuse experts, the main reason why nicotine abuse is so rampant is its ability to increase dopamine in the brain. Dopamine regulates feelings of pleasure, motivation, and mood. When a person stops smoking, the dopamine goes down and the person feels flat, The Conversation reports.

Dopamine-induced by substances also are more intense and rewarding. Over time, the cravings get so brutal that they can't stop thinking about it. It's like thinking about chocolate and driving to the nearest store to get it, except it is ten times more powerful with smoking.

Moreover, dopamine gets depleted when it is constantly in high amounts. The depletion then changes the prefrontal cortex of the brain, the structure that predominates thinking and decision making. This makes it difficult for chronic smokers to think through consequences and evaluate the damages caused by smoking.

Ultimately, the smoker gets so connected with smoking and all consideration to try some quit smoking tips is thrown under a bus.

Due to the limited effectiveness of conventional treatments to stop smoking, more and more smokers are looking for non-medication approaches. The natural way seems to be a more attractive and effective alternative. This includes the use of herbs, food, vitamin supplements, and meditative strategies like yoga, Psychology Today states.

According to health experts, improving nutrition, replacing the craving with other harmless habits such as chewing on cinnamon sticks, and practicing mindfulness yield more successful results.

The theory behind natural food lessening the craving to smoke is the particular taste that it leaves in the mouth. Dark chocolates, cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower, fish, fruits, and nuts are examples of this.

Water is also known to cut down smoking by lining the walls of the stomach and leaving the person full and less inclined to smoke.

Aside from their characteristics to curb cravings for cigarettes, these natural elements are also great sources of anti-oxidants which help decrease chances of developing cancer.

In the behavioral aspect, meditation and mindfulness prove to be helpful in lowering the appetite for smoking. These approaches develop and strengthen mental acuity, rebuilding the damage caused by smoking on the brain.

These natural quit smoking tips are inexpensive, easily accessible, and have no known side effects.

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