Elon Musk Hints Big Upgrades For Tesla

With the growing demands for Elon Musk's Supercharger network, the businessman teases about another breakthrough in Tesla's Supercharger experience in his recent tweet. News about a Supercharger V3 has emerged and is getting everyone excited with its promising power capabilities.

The man behind Tesla's car-making industry stepped up their game by creating a Supercharger network for Tesla owners. Since the previous issue about the Model S was that it was not suitable for road trips, the engineer thought that allowing Tesla owners to recharge their vehicles for free during long trips proved to be effective.

BGR reports that Elon Musk's Supercharger network have already expanded to 769 stations that are tactically located across the US and other areas within the globe. Given the excellent record and standing of the network, avid Tesla users are hyped up with Elon Musk's reply to a recent tweet made by Fred Lambert.

Lambert expressed his curiosity in the Supercharger V3 and threw in a question on whether the company is to use a power out of 350 kW. Musk then surprisingly tweets back with a coy tone saying that a mere 350 kW can be compared to a children's toy. Supercharger stations usually have a capacity of 120kW, the point of reference have now stirred people's emotions and excitement.

Slashgear also reports that Musk even shared a bit of information about the solar panels. According to him, there will be no problem with Superchargers working off grid and in remote areas. In other news, Tesla has recently announced that 2017-purchased Tesla vehicles will be given 1,000 miles worth of Supercharger credits.

Following the free credits will be a need to Tesla owners to pay for Supercharger access in a small fee. To reassure the owners, Elon Musk said that the cost will still be less than the price of filling up a comparable gas car. With all the milestones reached by the Supercharger network, avid users are clamoring for new updates.

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