Hacked Sony Twitter Account Behind Britney Spears Death

By Edge Ison , Dec 27, 2016 02:21 AM EST

Britney Spears is dead.

At least that's what some hacker or hackers who have nothing more important to do but breach Twitter accounts want people to believe.

The Twitter account of Sony Music fell victim to hacking and the perpetrators decided spreading rumors of a celebrity death is the next best thing to do. Sony Music's account posted a couple of tweets that claimed the pop star is dead.

"RIP @britneyspears #RIPBritney 1981-2016"

"Britney spears is dead by accident! We will tell you more soon"

Apparently, the hackers were not able to tell more on Spears' supposed death as the tweets have already been deleted.

A tweet by Anne Claire Stapleton, CNN news editor, cleared the issue of Spears' death by saying she is "alive and well" as indicated by the singer's rep. Stapleton also said that Sony Music Global "erroneously tweeted" Spears' death but the CNN National Desk producer did not signify if the account was indeed hacked.

According to CNN, Bob Dylan may have also been victimized by the hacker. Dylan's and Sony Music's Twitter accounts tweeted about Spears' supposed death at almost the same time. The legendary rocker's account tweeted, "Rest in peace @britneyspears".

No person or group has come forward to claim responsibility for the possible hacking incident while Sony has yet to comment on the issue as of this writing. But some has commented on the similarity of the possible breach with how OurMine works. OurMine is a group of possibly teenaged hackers who have hacked a number of online accounts recently in its effort to help websites in their security efforts, or so the group claims.

Cybersecurity and the spreading of fake news have garnered much attention recently. Yahoo recently divulged that 1 billion and 500 million accounts were hacked in two separate occasions while the fake news is being looked at as a possible reason why Donald Trump won the U.S. presidency.

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