Check Out This Awesome Pokémon x Overwatch Mashup That Will Make You Drool With Cuteness!

By K.C , Dec 27, 2016 04:40 AM EST

One of the million reasons why we love Pokémon is the fact that these characters are filled with exhilarating cuteness! Now, as an Overwatch fan, wouldn't you love seeing a mashup between your favorite heroes and these adorable Pokémon? Luckily,one fan did the job for us and it actually looks as good as the latest Overwatch Comic: Reflections!

Pokémon x Overwatch Mashup

A Reddit user, itsmagichere, has shared his amazing artwork about a mashup between Pokémon and Overwatch which you can see down below.

My Pokemon x Overwatch mashup series so far! :D from pokemon

As you can see, we got a really cute Tracer Pikachu that looks way cuter than the one featured in the Reflections. It's adorable to see the actual comparison between the two as Pikachu has lightning based attacks while Tracer can seemingly travel through speed of light as she can essentially 'blink' across the map - giving her a signature lightning speed theme.

The other three Pokemon also has a cute resemblance to the Overwatch heroes. One in particular, is Kadabra, the Psychic-type Pokémon that can evolve to Mega Alakazam. It's interesting to note that Mega Alakazam levitates in the air and also does the same action as Zenyatta casting Transcendence.

The resemblance between Snorlax and Roadhog is pretty much obvious as the two characters share the same trait - and that is for simply being fat and tanky, although the former isn't as good at tanking as the latter. Nonetheless, the art definitely suits perfectly well for the mashup!

The last one, Rhydon is a Ground/Rock type Pokémon that looks cool and solid much like its Overwatch hero counterpart, Reinhardt. Both character share the same trait and that is, pure bulk and tankiness, although according to this article, fans consider the hero to be dead in the current meta.

Based on the post, this fan art is the inception of the Pokémon x Overwatch mashup series which mean that there is sure more to come. Fans are now discussing the perfect fit for Genji which they would assume to come next including the rest. You can access the thread here.

What do you think is the perfect Pokémon counterpart for the cyborg ninja? Share your ideas in the comments down below!

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