NES Classic Edition In Stock At Amazon, Tesco And Nintendo’s NYC Store

NES Classic Edition In Stock At Amazon, GameStop And Nintendo’s NYC Store
Nintendo has recently announced that their Nintendo NES Classic edition will be made available for this Christmas Season on Amazon, GameStop, Nintendo’s NYC Store and more. Photo : GameXplain/YouTube Screenshot

Nintendo's NES Classic Edition has been in high demand in the past few months. The console is very hard to find this holiday season that people becomes stressed-out. Are you on the people finding the NES Classic Edition?

Good news! Amazon, Tesco, Nintendo's New York City store and other stores are giving shoppers a chance to buy and own the classic edition of NES.

NES Classic Edition In Stock At Amazon

Nintendo's cute new mini NES, most commonly known as the NES Classic Edition, is really hard to find. The tiny console gadget costs $60 and the Nintendo Entertainment System is currently sold out in most places. But do not worry, you still may able to grab one soon.

Most UK stores have been out of stock for weeks and it's left many fans having to pay almost twice the recommended price on eBay to get one. The good thing is there has been some good news with stock spotted in Amazon, GameStop And Nintendo’s NYC Store.

According to Daily Star, Amazon continues to sell the Mini NES, but people who are planning to buy the product should willing to pay over £110 or $135 to have it. Indeed, Amazon has announced flash sales.

CNET reported that Amazon Video Games has served up several opportunities to buy the in-demand console, the latest of which was a Prime Now exclusive in various US cities throughout the past few weeks. Each one of these sold out within hours to minutes of being posted, so to make sure you catch them.

NES Classic Edition In Stock At Tesco

Tesco, the supermarket giant, announced that they have a limited number of the retro consoles on their shelves. Although it appears to be out of stock again, as of today, according to the Stock Informer website. It also shows that the Tesco stock of the NES Classic Edition is actually sold out within a minute.

Unlike Amazon, Tesco is not announcing and tweeting reports about their product sale. If you really want to avail the NES Classic Edition or any other console even not a Nintendo brand, you have to personally check it on their site. Or you can also register for their email alerts for more information you need to know.

NES Classic Edition In Stock At Nintendo’s NYC Store

Nintendo's tiny console is also back in stock at its NYC store, according to GameSpot. The store announced the $60 unit would be available starting on December 22, Thursday at 2 p.m. If you want to grab this opportunity, you have to hurry because the stocks are limited and one unit per guest only. Nintendo's Big Apple store is located at 10 Rockefeller Plaza.

More On NES Classic Edition

Other stores are also offering the Nintendo's Classic Edition console. As reported by Yibada, Walmart and Target have also received limited stock of the of the highly in-demand console. Many Target stores are offering a ticketing system so that shoppers can get the NES Classic without waiting outside the store all night after it gets a shipment.

As reported, here are more stores you can check out.

Chunk Toys says it has consoles in stock, but for the whopping price of $450.

Rakuten has EU consoles for $300, available for US residents.

Player's Choice has the original NES Classic Edition priced at $300.


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