Bad Health Ideas To Forget In 2017

By Duna Bil , Dec 27, 2016 10:59 AM EST

There are common health concepts that after thorough study, are debunked by scientists and considered as bad health ideas. Take for example the widely debated myths on vaccinations as reported earlier. 

Here are 7 common health myths that people have believed for years, due to tradition or misinformation, that have been proven wrong this year. 

Exercise is great for losing weight. This long-held myth have driven hordes of people to hit the gym and exercise regularly. It is important to help ward off obesity and other metabolic diseases, and strengthen the body. However, according to obesity experts, exercising does not play a key role in losing weight. The real answer to losing weight is cutting down on calorie intake.  

The 5-second rule is real. Since childhood, we scramble to pick up the piece of cookie that dropped on the floor within  seconds. We believe that after that specific period of time, the snack is rendered inedible as it is now infested with bad microorganisms. This year, doctors tell us that microorganisms transfer almost immediately as the food hits the floor. The good news is, the microorganisms are just not enough to kill you, Wish TV says. 

Antibiotics treat colds and flu. Traditional belief says that antibiotics are cures for the common colds. This could not be more wrong. Since colds and flu are caused by viral infections, antibiotics which kill only bacteria will not be effective as a cure. Viral infections usually just disappear on their own. It's important to know this is a bad health idea to avoid developing resistance to superbugs. 

Willpower wards off temptations. The truth is, willpower doesn't exist, psychologists say. In one study, people who report having self-control actually don't use it. They found that changing your environment, and not willpower, helps you more in controlling urges and achieving goals. 

GMOs are dangerous to eat. Not really, food experts say. A number of researches on the ill effects of GMO food have been conducted this year and not one of them found a link between GMOs and diseases. As a matter of fact, GMO products have been around for decades without causing any harm to the population, Vox reports.  

Homeopathy is real medicine. According to health experts, homeopathy doesn't have any real evidence of success in patients. Homeopathy is using plant and animal extracts to cure symptoms. It has been around for centuries and is still continuing to deceive people. The Federal Trade Commission placed strict guidelines for homeopathic drugs to follow to avoid misinforming the public. 

Power posing gives you power. This weird trick, claims psychologists, will make you feel powerful by standing really big and tall. It enhances the flow of hormones and increases confidence. However, according to recent experiments, the benefits of power posing doesn't really check out making this another bad health idea to scrub out. 

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