iPhone Tips And Tricks: How To Turn Your Smartphone Into High-Quality Video Camera

By stphntapulao , Dec 27, 2016 07:17 PM EST

iPhone has been considered one of the gadgets that is well-advanced when it comes to its camera features. And as the device progresses from time to time, its camera still has a lot to offer to its consumers from different parts of the world. But despite all this, many are still not knowledgeable as to how they could fully utilize the camera of their iPhone. With the help of the app-store, iPhones could be used in producing standardized videos and epic shots.

Apps That Would Greatly Team Up With iPhone Revealed, Make Your Camera Shots Picture Perfect

Below is a list of apps that would perfectly blend in with your smartphone in giving top-of-the-line camera shots:

First is the Hyperlapse. With this app, you could create ways to perfectly capture a moment through a video. It offers time-lapse and in-house stabilization that are really perfect for those who would want to share their moments with their friends and loved one. And to top it all, it is for free. Clips could be shared through Instagram or could go directly to your camera roll.

Next app that users should focus on is the Camera+, priced at $2.99. With its simple yet classy look, the app is a sure hit to consumers of any age. The app features release button, zoom slider, manual shooting options and shutter speed. Plus, it also has macro mode perfect for people who would want to look professional on the photos they have taken.

Best Video Editing Apps On iPhone Revealed: 'LumaFX' Included

Also, if you are fond of editing videos make sure that you are knowledgeable with the editing apps present in the iPhone. One is LumaFX. With this app, you could immediately control the audio and video that you took. Raw videos could be reframed, rotated, mirrored, slowed down or sped up. To add on this, you could also change colors and filters to perfectly suit the emotions that your videos would want to convey.

Other apps presented are Legend and Gravie, Custom Cam and NightCap Pro.

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