‘Pokemon GO' Finally Released On Apple Watch; China Makes Mobile App Inspired From It

Niantic Inc. clearly hit the jackpot with its latest mobile game application, “Pokemon GO” as it remains to be popular. The said mobile game application has been a worldwide sensation and continues to see greater days. The said application has now been made available on another device and has even become an inspiration for developers in China.

Instead of creating a smart watch, Nintendo developed the “Pokemon GO Plus” as a Bluetooth device paired with the mobile phones of users. The said device was released in the United Kingdom and North America in September 2016 under the concept of making it easier for players to track down Pokestops and gyms without having to check their mobile phones all the time. A few months later, the “Pokemon GO” has then been finally released on the Apple Watch.

Despite rumors of such expansion being canceled, the plan to release “Pokemon GO” on Apple Watch has pushed through and made its release this month, just in time before the year ends. The Apple Watch app is clearly more convenient than the “Pokemon GO Plus” device but it does not mean it is better. The features on the Apple Watch for “Pokemon GO” pretty much showcase what it already offers on mobile phones, which has a display of the said mobile application and gives out notifications.

Unlike the original “Pokemon GO” game and “Pokemon GO Plus”, players cannot capture any Pokemon on the Apple Watch nor can they get any notification of nearby gyms. But it can do the rest of the original functions such as collecting items from Pokestops and tracking distances for incubating and hatching eggs. The application itself is free on Apple Watch, while “Pokemon GO Plus” costs about $34.99.

Meanwhile in China, despite “Pokemon GO” being banned there because of the country imposing domestic restrictions on any Google services, the said mobile game clearly has still made it into its radar. China now can enjoy a mobile application similar to “Pokemon GO” after Alibaba’s Alipay released a mobile game that let users collect red envelopes, which contains real money, randomly hidden by other players in various locations. The Alipay mobile game has been tested by other companies and has been revealed to be legit. Other Chinese developers are planning to release a similar mobile application to rival the newly launched application inspired from Niantic Inc.’s “Pokemon GO”.

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