‘Hero's Song' Cancelled, Pixelmage Games Offers Refunds As Studio Closes Down

This year has seen a series of bad news and with 2016 drawing near to its end, it seems like people still have to brace some few more. It is with a sad heart that another video game has been canceled. Along with that, the studio responsible for developing the said game will also be closing down.

It has just been announced that “Hero’s Song” has just been canceled along with its developer, Pixelmage Games suddenly shutting down. The announcement was made when the said company posted a sentimental and long letter online depicting the end of the studio’s career. Pixelmage Games was created in October 2015 by several experienced video game developers who mostly worked for decades in Sony Online Entertainment.

The developers were widely known for their works with several popular video games such as “EverQuest”, “Planetside”, “Shadowrun”, and “Untold Legends.” As an independent video game studio, Pixelmage Games launched various fundraising drives to fund the development of its first video game, “Hero’s Song” and to attract investors for the said project. The said game was initially proposed for Microsoft Windows and was eventually officially made available through Steam in November 2016.

Sadly, a month later, the company revealed that it is closing down as it could not make it as an independent game studio. With that, it was forced to cancel and take off “Hero’s Song” off the market since it will not be getting any more updates. The company has offered to refund those who have invested in the game as well to those who have purchased it on Steam. The instructions for the refund can be found on the official website of Pixelmage Games.

The CEO and founder of Pixelmage Games, John Smedley has revealed further that the cause of their studio shutting down was due to its sales falling short amidst the need to further develop “Hero’s Song.” He has continuously expressed his apologies on behalf of the company for this shortcoming. Smedley has said though that despite the said studio ceasing functions, he will continue to build a career in the gaming industry.

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