Apple's 'iPhone 8' Possible To Have No Physical Buttons; Latest Updates On Specs, Price And More Unveiled

By Staff writer , Dec 28, 2016 04:24 AM EST
A patent issued by Apple has provided some hints that the upcoming iPhone 8 will literally have no physical buttons. It has long been rumored to be an all-glass device with an OLED panel. Though the said design have already been incorporated in some smartphones, if proven true, it would mark the very first time that Apple went out of the box in terms of its iPhone's design. (Photo : You Tech/YouTube)

A recently discovered patent filing from Apple has given hints that the upcoming iPhone 8 will literally have no physical buttons. It has long been rumored to be an all-glass device with an OLED panel.

When you think about it closely, having touch-only buttons makes absolute sense. How do you make an all-glass body with physical buttons in the first place?

iPhone 8 to feature all-glass design

We've already seen such a design through the Mi 5s, which highlights a fingerprint sensor and home button combination under its glass. Apple is expected to do the same thing for the iPhone 8 as well, though most fans are not entirely sure just how comfortable it will be to replace the power and volume buttons with a touch-sensitive button.

However, despite it being entirely new, it shouldn't take too long to adapt. But keep in mind that this is just conjecture, of course, and doesn't necessarily be taken as a solid fact.

Patently Apple has spotted this filing in Apple's latest batch of patent applications. There are also a number of other patent applications for foldable displays included in the filings as well, which is also worth looking at.

iPhone 8 features

So far, the information that has been gathered on the iPhone 8 suggest that the upcoming Apple smartphone will feature dual cameras, an OLED panel display, an all-glass exterior, wireless charging support, and a combination home-button/TouchID sensor under the front glass.

With all that being said, it's pretty clear that the iPhone 8 is certainly shaping up to be a very interesting device that could potentially be the most interesting product that Apple has released in at least 3 years.

Will people be able to adapt to the new iPhone?

According to other reports, the upcoming iPhone 8 will truly not have any plastic or any other material, and its smartphone might come with an all glass body that features no buttons. There have been a lot of nifty smartphones that has already featured this design, and Apple is about to join in with their upcoming iPhone 8.

Yet again, reports and analysts are not yet sure as to how comfortable it can be when we get to witness all these changes in the flesh since Apple has also not issued any updates just yet. But change needs to be constant in order for something to progress, and Apple seems to be following that philosophy.

Other feature included in the patent

Apple issued the patent application during the latest batch of patents. There are a few other patent applications that Apple did issue as well recently, one of which is the foldable display feature. Currently, we can say that the iPhone 8 is a device that will be incorporated with a lot of new and innovative features that will truly revolutionize the iPhone brand in the future.

The iPhone 8 will change everything

With this, we can all say that the upcoming iPhone 8 will be one of the most interesting and exciting products that Apple will ever offer to its consumers.

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