Clarius Mobile Unveils Wireless Ultrasound Scanner: The Next-Gen Medical Device

By Tishya , Dec 28, 2016 12:25 PM EST

Founded in 2014 by Laurent Pelissier, Clarius Mobile Health launches two new mobile Ultrasound Smart devices; C7 and L7. Both are high quality, point-and-shoot devices. They are easy to operate just like Smartphones with most of the controls being automated. Clarius enable doctors to keep an ultrasound system in their pockets to advance the modern medical science.

How It Began

Clarius Mobile Health has done an extensive research. They visited many hospitals and pathologies meeting with many doctors and pathologists to know about their ongoing challenges and what they want to see in future. The feedback they got from the doctors is quite simple that all the physicians are fighting for lack of ultrasound devices. They also want some advancement in the existing devices available in the markets.

Clarius Product Line

Clarius has launched two ultrasound devices C3 and L7. C3 is designed for abdomen and lung exams as well as quick heart scans, while L7 is for guiding procedures and imaging superficial structures. It allows triggering patients more quickly and helping doctors to make a right decision at an accident site.

Highlights of C3 and L7

They come with two rechargeable batteries and a charger. Both devices are built with a magnesium case, so they can be used in various environments. There is an app available on Android and Apple iOS. Both devices are completely wireless and have full metal jacket body for better grip and protection.

Doctors Advice

Clarius' devices are made for high-use and convenience and do not require connected to a separate smart device. Both these devices are water-resistant, battery-powered and durable to resist the challenging environment. Both C3 and L7 are available in a basic or premium version costing $6,900 and $9,900, respectively. These devices are currently available in the selected outlets and towns at the initial stage. Clarius has some major plans to promote these devices globally.

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