Limb Regeneration: The Future Growing Back Human Parts

By Donna Marie Lapena Padua , Dec 28, 2016 10:48 AM EST

The advancement of medical science is becoming more ambitious these days as it is finding a way to perfect limb regeneration in humans. Salamanders are perfect examples for limb regeneration, but as it is a known fact already, amputated parts of humans cannot regrow just like these animals do.

A few reports are surfacing claiming that there is a future for human limb regeneration. Earlier this year, a study on the acorn worm's ability to regenerate their body structure was linked to the possibility of human part regeneration. According to the Haffington Post, lead researcher, Shawn Luttrell, found out that humans share the same genetic structure as the acorn worm. Following this, he expects that human might also have the potential to regrow parts just like how the acorn worm regrows its body.

Another study is being conducted currently where the scientists are finding a way on how humans can perform limb regeneration like the salamanders. These families of animals are known for regrowing their parts since their wounds reportedly close rapidly as cells rush to their amputated part. The cells then re-forms, but its functionality's effectivity is not totally recovered. A blastema is then reportedly formed and this is where the new limb forms.

This process is deemed by experts quite ambitious for humans. Wounds acquired by humans undergo a different healing process and unfortunately, blastema for people never grows. Cells in the wound of a human being closes, but a blood clot is formed which stops the regeneration at the amputation site. Following the study on the acorn worm though, some scientists believe that there can be a way to recover limbs using the regeneration process of salamanders.

According to the Medical Daily, scientists are now looking into how humans can activate limb regeneration in them. As researchers believe that animals and humans root from the same place, people might also have a set of genes that can support limb regeneration once they are activated. Some theories are also looking at how adding genes similar to that of the salamanders on people can make the process of limb regeneration finally possible among the human race.

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