Debunking UFO Belief: Why You Should Believe In Extraterrestrial Life Forms

With the ever growing claims of extraterrestrial life forms, is it enough proof that aliens really do exist? At a recently concluded gathering, Ben Mezrich, an American author from Princeton, New Jersey has spoken about UFOs and other unexplained phenomena. It was found that Mezrich has even posted a video on YouTube entitled "Why I believe in UFOs, and you should, too" with the hope that people would also be able to understand where he is coming from and eventually change their perspective and believe in UFOs instead.

Why Should You Believe In Extraterrestrial Life Forms?

According to reports revealed by Boston Globe, the American author has allegedly told the audience about the incident of a flying saucer that has reportedly crashed on a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. The military later said it was a weather balloon, but Mezrich remains skeptical up to date. He said that he believes there is a very good chance that whatever has crashed at Roswell was definitely something that is not from our planet Earth.

Furthermore, Mezrich was found to have spoken about a reserve sheriff's deputy in Colorado which happens to have been featured in one of his books, and who has apparently investigated UFO sightings and bizarre incidents of cattle mutilation that occurred out there, without having any plausible explanation being released by the authorities. On the other hand, as per Bloody Disgusting, Mezrich was quoted to have said that conspiracy theories are not only interesting, but also creatively freeing and great for critical thinking.

Ultimately, in his talk, it was found that the author's YouTube video recounts why he believes what he believes, and Mezrich has claimed that it's a convincing argument that connects with a lot of what he has researched on his own.


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