Huawei Sold 140 Million Units This Year: Is Apple In Danger?

By Luis Fran , Dec 28, 2016 06:56 PM EST

Chinese smartphone maker Huawei has growth its popularity all over the world, with spectacular mobile devices that offers the most qualified specs and features with a price that you probably won´t found in any other smartphone. However, this power and influence in the markets where Huawei´s smartphones are competing have made an incredible leap, since new information reveals that the company just excelled its own sales record in a year.

Huawei Sold 140 Million Smartphones This year

According to Android Headlines, Huawei´s Senior Vice President explained that the Chinese company managed to sell 140 million mobile devices in 2016, which clearly excels the goal that the smartphone maker previously proposed. Although this is something absolutely incredible for a phone company, this is not an entirely surprise, given the fact that in addition to Huawei´s popularity and greatness, just a couple o months ago the company already managed to sell 100 million smartphones, making the 140 million amount something quite possible before the end of the year.

In fact, the company actually managed to sell 108 million, which at that moment is was an extraordinary success for Huawei, since this kind of sells usually are done by the most successful smartphone companies. Of course, this clearly shows the way that the company growths in 2016, since it has already sold over 30 million than last year, and there´s still some days in which many more devices can be sold.

The Huawi Honor 8 And The P9 Series Were The Most Popular Smartphones

According to Pocket Now, when Huawei achieved the 100 millions sells some month ago, the expectation bar was to achieve the 120 millions, which means that the amount that the company has done is even incredible for its own statistics. Apparently, the Huawei Honor 8 managed to sell 7 million units while the P9 series achieved 10 million, which seems as an incredible teaser of what Huawei could do with its upcoming P10 and Mate 9.

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