Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare 12 New Weapon Variants In Detail

By Gen Que , Dec 29, 2016 04:10 AM EST

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare has added new content for players to unlock along with the new title update. However, Activision and Infinity Ward did not release further information what things or items will be added to the new content. That did not stop Call of Duty fans on Reddit as they posted what is supposed to be leaked images 12 new weapon variants that will be part of the new content. Below are the details of those weapons.

Rack 9 - Precision Strike

Classified as a rare weapon, costs 500. One of its notable features includes speeding up your aiming and reducing your hip fire accuracy. It also slightly increases movement speed.

NV4 - Chaos

This epic rifle increases hip fire rate while reducing hip spread. It also reduces Aim Down Sights fire rate. The NV4 - Chaos can be stacked with Laser Sight.

Volk - Vexed

This is another rare weapon which is perfect when you're crouched low in the ground. It speeds up aiming and reduces hip fire accuracy.

KBAR 32 - Bunker Buster

This legendary weapon increases your ammo and can be stacked with Extended Mag. Its 25-player kill streak allows you to earn a De-Atomizer Strike.

RPR Evo - Cheap Shot

This low-rider common weapon decreases hip fire spread while you're sliding.

DMR 1 - Snapfrost

This legendary weapon damages your target temporarily and slows them down giving you time to escape. It is also an ideal weapon when crouching low down the ground.

R.A.W. - Headhunter

This legendary has reduced recoil and can be stacked with Foregrip. It also gives you a large bonus for your Payload meter.

KBS Longbow - Harbinger

This is an epic weapon with an 82 rating in accuracy and 90 in range. It reduces rechamber time and movement speed. It can be stacked with the Ballistic CPU.

Titan - Reconnoiter

This is a rare long-range weapon with an increased damage range. Once the enemy is damaged, they will be shown on the mini-map.

Banshee - Doppier

This epic weapon loads faster when the mag gets empty. It can be stacked with Dexterity and produces a high-frequency blast with each trigger pull.

Reaver - Skiver

A common weapon which can be stacked with Rifled Barrel and increases damage range.

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