Pokemon GO News: Find Out When Next Migration Will Begin

Pokemon GO fans should expect that the next migration will happen anytime in the game. They have been experiencing this ever since July this year. They are waiting for the 10th migration because they need to be informed everytime that Niantic plans to change the Pokemon in their Pokestops.

Players are asking when will the next migration in Pokemon GO will happen. Since July, players have been noticing different rotations of Pokemon because of the migration. It only happened once month and when October came, the changes occurred twice a month.

As per Heavy, the Pokemon migration last happened on Dec. 15. The players have been aware that the migration usually begins at 12 midnight. They want to know when the exact date is to catch many monsters of the same kind that suits their Pokedex.

The players will not have the opportunity to know what will be the next Pokemon that will show up in their ususal nest. They need to visit their usual Pokestop to check the new creature that might be suited with their team. So, the players need to grab their favorite monster in their familiar nests in Pokemon GO. 

Pokemon migration is a must in Pokemon GO. The reason behind this is to give the players a the chance to get new creatures. According to Express, players were surprised when they expected to catch a Bulbasaur but manage to get a Pidge in Central Park.

As per Silph Road, a lot of players have been wishing that Niantic will retain some nests because they have their favorite spots already. They do not want to embrace what will be the next Pokemon that will show up in their Pokestops.

After the 10th migration, the players will have receive a new update on Pokemon GO. This will start on Dec. 30 and will last until Jan. 8. The holiday event will have increased in spawn rates, players can experience faster hatching rate and will get free incubator per day.

The players have mixed feelings with Pokemon GO's next migration. They will not deny that they have their favorite Pokemon and they are used to with the monsters in their usual nests. Hopefully, the next migration will bring rare monsters.

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