Samsung Skincare App To Detect And Solve Skin Problems

By Mandy Adams , Dec 29, 2016 11:51 AM EST

The Samsung Group skincare technology could be the next big thing in consumer electronics. After the infamous Galaxy "Death Note" 7 incident, Samsung faced a decline in consumer confidence. This time, the company plans to combine South Korea's beauty industry with technology.

Samsung Skincare App

Samsung wants to be the game changer by adding skincare to its current technology offerings. The company plans to launch Lumini and S-Skin, both of which can scan the user's skin for flaws. These apps will utilize LEDs, cameras, and nanotechnology to identify problem areas.

Lumini is a product that can identify blemishes, wrinkles, and other skin problems. The images are sent to the smartphone and the app recommends dermatologists and products based on the analysis. Meanwhile, S-Skin aims to measure melanin, redness, and skin moisture. The app makes use of LED light wavelengths which could supposedly improve the skin's health.

Privacy Issues

While offering these new features seem promising, there are still many concerns over this new technology. Samsung skincare app and beauty smartphone features have a fair share of critics since it could breach privacy. Samsung encountered issues with shady privacy statements years ago. This new technology could make or break the company's efforts to regain the public's trust.

As noted by Vocativ, one of the greatest concerns that consumers have is transferring personal information to a stranger's device. By connecting a user instantly to a dermatologist, an unknown doctor will have access to your images and skincare data. The privacy involving this new technology is still unclear.

Samsung's U.S. launch for the two apps is still undisclosed. Despite how futuristic Lumini and S-Skin are, these technologies need to undergo a stringent review before being launched. Health apps are getting much attention these days since they are useful to many people. The Samsung skincare app could redeem the company, but it remains to be seen if these health features are effective.

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