Artificial Intelligence Advances In 2016

By Victor Thomson , Dec 30, 2016 03:58 AM EST
The field of artificial Intelligence has made important advances in 2016. (Photo : Everything 10s/YouTube)

Artificial intelligence has been one of the tech fields that made important advances in the year 2016.

The Rise Of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) can make the quality of life better and greatly impact our society in any aspect from economics to medicine, according to Laughing Squid. Most of the researchers in the field of artificial intelligence are motivated by the positive potential of this emerging technology to keep on pushing for a stronger AI system. However, some scientists say warn that it is possible these machines re-program themselves to become much better than us. In case that such a technological breakthrough knows as "the singularity" happens, humans might not be able to keep up.

According to University Herald, machine learning works typically like the human brain. By feeding a simple algorithm into the computer, the machine will naturally use "experiences" to learn. As it learns, the artificial intelligence system eliminates the need for human control. This is the reason why the quest for a stronger AI brings a fear for the loss of human functionality.

In nature, a much more intelligent species will seize control from a weaker species when it detects that the other one is not as intelligent. There is no way to know at the moment how AI will behave if it becomes more intelligent than us. This concern for artificial intelligence comes, in fact, from the fear of losing control rather than a malevolence of the technology, according to

Artificial Intelligence In 2016

In a way, the year 2016 is the year when artificial intelligence made the leap with high speed from "science fiction concept" to real life. According to The Guarding, in 2016 the artificial intelligence apps have spread everywhere.  For instance, food delivery app Just Eat launched an AI chatbot to ensure that customers receive the best service, period-tracking app Flo uses AI neural networks to deliver "high period forecast accuracy" and restaurant guide Borsch uses AI to help customers discover the best dishes around.

The AI revolution slowly to changes the environment we live in as well as the economic landscape. Neural network-based learning has become the computational technique that defines what we mean by artificial intelligence. Among the major breakthroughs in artificial intelligence in the year 2016 is worth to mention the victory of DeepMind's AlphaGo against South Korean professional Go player Lee Sedol. This victory was one of the last remaining milestones for a machine to reach.

In 2016 Google also released its AI-powered, voice-controlled smart home device, Google Home. Now, millions of customers use Google Home in their living room, while rival Amazon's Echo AI device is leading the way in home assistant devices. Other top tech companies including IBM, Microsoft, Facebook and Baidu have been celebrating their own machine-learning successes.

Meanwhile, Apple has been working on its machine vision tech that scans users' photo libraries on a device, rather than on the cloud. This is a technological approach to machine learning that allows the tech company to learn from data in aggregate rather than accessing the information of specific users.

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