Final Fantasy XV Guide: Costlemark Tower Requirements, Monsters

Costlemark Tower is one of the post-game dungeons you'll have to unlock while completing the Menace Beneath Lucis quest. Once you complete it, you will have quite a number of loots in the game including the Sword of the Tall Royal Arm and the Radiant Lance. Here are a few more tips how to successfully finish this dungeon.

Entering Costlemark Tower

To successfully enter Costlemark Tower easily, you have to start your quest at night because that will be the only time you'll see the passage which is invisible during the day.

Required Level and Items

Costlemark Tower is filled with daemons making it one of the most difficult dungeons to conquer. Before you come crashing into the tower, the best level will be 55 or more. Don't forget to bring tons of healing items as well as items or abilities that will combat the petrify effect because in the boss battle, the final boss will use tons of it against you and your team. Also bring at least 5 magic flasks, extra Fire, and a lot of Blizzard for the final boss fight.

Monsters and Their Weaknesses

Before you come face to face with the big boss, you will encounter powerful daemons as well. Some have specific weaknesses while others just take your strategy and resilience to kill them.

From the daemons and monsters you will encounter, there are at least seven major enemies with specific weaknesses. First, Gelatin is especially weak to Lightning and Royal Arms while Thunder Bomb will be easily taken using swords.

On the other hand, you have to defeat Galvanade immediately because if you don't, they will summon lots of Thunder Bombs for you to handle. Finish it off quickly with Dawn Hammer. It is also weak against Royal Arms, Blizzard, Guns, and Machine Weapons.

Further, Ereshkigal is weak against Royal Arms, Swords, and Fire; take down Yojimbo using Thunder; and Bussemand will eventually kneel down against Great Swords and Machinery. As for the Red Giant, it has no known weaknesses but you can subdue it with continuous blows and attacks.

Final Boss Fight

The final boss fight will be against the Jabberwock, which is weak against Blizzard so use all the Blizzard spells you have to quickly subdue it. However, be careful against its Petrify attack which can easily kill you and your friends. Thus, bring tons of items that will let you recover from Petrify.

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