Medical Marijuana Act Arkansas: Application Fee Set At $15k

Residents in Arkansas who hope to grow and cultivate pot will have to pay $15,000 as required by the Medical Marijuana Act Arkansas, a state commissioner says on Tuesday. The fee does not include licensing which the legislative body has yet to set by next year.

Marijuana is fast gaining ground as a legitimate treatment for a vast array of disease. Just this month, New York approved the use of medical marijuana as treatment for 10 common chronic diseases as reported earlier.

A significant portion of health workers and caregivers utilize it minimize pain felt by their patients and also to relieve other symptoms. Since the start of the marijuana trend decades ago, the use of medical marijuana has been approved in some state. Because of this, medical workers are allowed to cultivate pot for their patients' use.

Recently, however, a significant number of states have been voting to legalize not only the medical use of it but including its recreational use. The Medical Marijuana Act brings the focus back on using the drug for medical purposes, 4029 TV reports.

However, the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission approved to set the application fee to grow pot with the maximum amount of $15,000. The commission approved the proposal by a vote of 4 to 1 on Tuesday. This is part of the amendment passed by the voters last November.

Aside from the exorbitant application fee, growers will also need to pay for the licensing fee, which the legislative body has not yet decided how much.

According to THV 11, applicants who are rejected will receive half of their application payment back. The unfavorable vote comes from one of the panel commissioner Travis Story. He stresses that if you want to grow pot, then you have to demonstrate financial capability for its proper cultivation, maintenance, and usage.

He reiterates that running a cultivation facility is a serious matter and therefore the growers should be financially capable

For now, the Medical Marijuana Act Arkansas has until June to develop rules cultivation and how to obtain dispensary licenses.

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