Apple iPhones: Are These Phones Worth Their Prices Or Are They Just Pointless Fads?

By JR O. , Dec 31, 2016 04:19 PM EST
The company is clearly dividing the consumers in half every year. There are people who appreciate its iPhones very much and there are also people who think that Apple is simply taking all of our money through their super-pricey products. (Photo : Apple / YouTube)

Apple has always been the subject of hatred of what we can call as Apple "haters". The company is clearly dividing the consumers in half wherein there are people who appreciate the company very much and there are also people who think that Apple is simply taking all of our money through their super-pricey products. Needless to say, the question that remains is whether or not these haters have a point.

Every time an iPhone gets released, it always receives a mixed reaction. Some love it and some hate it. Most of the time, people pick on these phones for their prices and for their new features. Nevertheless, just like every other product on the market, these things are just a matter of preference. Here's a quick assessment of whether Apple's phones are worth their prices or not.

Apple iPhone Specs: Can They Deliver?

Specs-wise, iPhones don't offer the best of the best. In all fairness, even the $399 OnePlus 3 can beat Apple's best iPhones. OnePlus' 6 GB RAM can kick Apple's 3 GB RAM in one second. However, when it comes to speed tests, for some reasons even the most premium Android phones cannot beat the iPhones. The iPhones' processor are pretty much some of the best in the smartphone world. Benchmark tests prove this. So to answer the question, Apple's iPhone specs are typically inferior to others'. Nevertheless, they can still deliver a superb performance.

Apple iPhone Prices: Are They Competitive?

There are two perspectives in seeing whether iPhones' prices are competitive or not - comparing them to phones similar to them in quality, and comparing them to the majority of phones in the market. When we compare iPhones' prices to the majority of phones in the market, it's easy to say that iPhones aren't competitively priced. The smartphone market offers such a big scope, so there's practically a phone whatever your budget is. This means that there are phones that are way less pricey than the iPhones. But is it fair to compare the iPhones with phones that are of lower quality? Maybe not.

Comparing the iPhones' prices with phones of the same type must make more sense. With that, it seems like Apple is pricing the iPhone competitively. As of this year, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus' prices are pretty similar to Samsung's pricing of its 2016 flagship. LG's LG V20 is also priced the same way as both companies. If you think that Apple overprices its flagship phones, it's pretty fair to conclude that its competitors do so as well.


Apple's iPhones may be expensive and they may arguably be overpriced. However, there's no debate as to how speedy these phones are when it comes to performance. It's bells and whistles features may not all be super useful and important but buying it is pretty much a matter of personal decision. As a whole, the iPhones are just like any other flagship phone. They are all expensive and full of extra features. It just so happened that for some reasons, it's the iPhones that drive people wild. Thus, it's the one that receives more criticisms.

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