Doctor's Orders: 5 "Healthy" Foods Loaded With Salt, Sugar And Additives

By Hilda Scott , Mar 23, 2013 12:49 PM EDT

Some foods may appear to be healthy for us when they actually they are not, so don't be fooled. Just because it says "low calorie" or "fat free" on the package, doesn't mean it's totally healthy for you. Some foods are loaded with sugar, salt and other additives that are not good for the body.

Wheat Bread:

Be sure to look at the ingredient content when buying wheat bread to make sure it's labeled as 100 per cent whole wheat. Some whole wheat breads contain enriched flour which has no nutritional value. Some forms of whole wheat bread are highly processed and stripped of fiber and nutrients. Instead, look for breads that are multi-grain or high in fiber. Read the contents to make sure the first and second ingredients listed are some type of fiber or multi-grain.

Dried Fruit:

Although it has fiber, there are additives like sugar and sulfur to help preserve it. Calorie content is three times higher than fresh fruit and the nutrients were depleted during drying. Fresh fruit is always a healthier choice.

Trail Mix:

Another favorite and allegedly healthy snack. Well, guess what? Trail mix can contain up to 300 calories in just a small amount. It contains dried fruit, sugar coated raisins, salted nuts and sometimes M&M's. This combination does not have the makings of a healthy snack and unless you are actually hiking on a trail, burning off the calories, stay away from this. A handful of almonds are nutritional and satisfying and will keep your hunger at bay until your next meal.

Fat Free Yogurt:

Surprised? Just because food says "fat free" on it, that doesn't mean it's automatically healthy. Fat doesn't make you fat, it's the sugar that does. Yogurt may be fat free, but loaded with tons of sugar. Remember that sugar turns into fat when it's not burned off. Yogurts come in a variety of flavors and even the ones flavored with fruit can have 15 grams of sugar in a 6 oz. serving. Fresh cut fruit added to Greek yogurt with a little bit of honey is much healthier.

Granola Bars:

Granola bars are only a good choice only if you plan on skipping your next meal. They consist of so much saturated fat, salt and sugar, you might as well have a candy bar. There is nothing all natural about a granola bar. Don't be tricked by labels. Instead, a small piece of dark chocolate is a healthy alternative to satisfy your sweet tooth. There are also health benefits to eating dark chocolate in moderation. It's high in vitamins and minerals, helps control blood sugar, lowers blood sugar and is full of antioxidants. 

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