Mass Effect Andromeda And Red Dead Redemption 2 Might Not Be Coming To Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch is the most anticipated console for next year. However, there are possibilities that the console will not be as enjoyable as others have predicted because not all most awaited games will be available.

Red Dead Redemption 2 And Mass Effect Andromeda Might Not Be Playable On Nintendo Switch

There are rumors that two of the popular games for next year are not compatible with Switch. According to Game Rant, Nintendo did not confirm nor denied that Red Dead Redemption 2 and Mass Effect Andromeda will be available in the console. Laura Dale, one of the most famous and most reliable sources of rumors about games, said that her speculations about Red Dead Redemption 2 are based on Rockstar Games and Nintendo's relationship before.

That means that there is a big chance that Red Dead Redemption 2 might not be arriving in Nintendo Switch. For Mass Effect Andromeda, the sales of Mass Effect 3 for Wii U has led to Dale's conclusions that BioWare is not planning to include its upcoming game on the soon-to-be-released console.

What Are The Games To Be Part Of Nintendo Switch?

Assassin's Creed is believed to be part of the compatible games on Nintendo Switch. As per Express, THQ is planning to add three of its games for the console such as Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy, War Leaders: Clash of Nations and Legends of War.

Players can expect The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to be part of the famous games on Nintendo Switch. Also, Yooka-Layle, Stardew Valley and Lego City Undercover will be available in Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch fans are going crazy about the console. They cannot wait for the arrival of the handheld device so that they can play games like Super Mario Run and other games developed by the Japanese company. Hopefully, all the waiting is worth it.

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