Apple Likely To Roll Out New iOS 10.3 Update Soon With 'Theatre Mode'

By Tishya , Jan 02, 2017 11:14 AM EST

Apple is all set to bring out the new iOS update to its users very soon. This fresh iOS update will feature some new attributes and provide users with more exuberant experience on all iOS-based Apple devices. The Apple team has stated that update is mainly done to fix some old bugs. Apart from that Apple is more likely to introduce a brand new feature called "Theatre Mode".

No More Phone Distractions In Theaters

There is no serious information revealed by the company sources on this brand new feature, but it will probably mute the notifications and pop-up messages icons while watching a movie in a theatre, so that other people will not get distracted. A few months back, Apple has already hinted that it is working more profoundly on adding unfamiliar features in iOS to improve its feasibility and make it more rational.

According to Forbes, users can access "Theatre Mode" from the control center itself by activating the popcorn-shaped icon on the screen. The company has been working exclusively for this new update under its code name "Erie". This is going to be the eighth iOS update within four months.

A Piece Of Company's Long-Term Strategy

Earlier, company's known face, Sonny Dickson, has made several tweets and revealed about this brand new update and its important features. According to Dickson, the whole idea behind this new update is to upgrade the user friendliness of the iOS not only for its users but also for the people who live or work around the people using iOS based devices. Dickson adds, that the company has always been foresighted about its long-term strategy to remain the leader in the competitive market and that makes Apple a more user-friendly and customer-centered company.

People often get distracted in the theatres by the pop-up messages and notifications on other's phones. The "Theatre Mode" will not block the incoming calls or messages, but it will use a well-developed and an integrated AI framework to ensure that none of the incoming calls and messages or other notifications will blimp on the phone's screen when watching a movie in a theatre.

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