UFO Sightings Reported From Canada, England And Australia

UFO sightings were reported from various countries over the New Year holidays. The new reports came from Canada, England, Korea, Australia and Mexico. This time, the reports were about disk-like or rod-like objects seen in the flying over the clouds.

The first report of UFO sighting came from Chad Haines, a Canadian who initially did not believe in aliens. Haines was busy sorting out the photos he took over the holidays in Random Island in Newfoundland, Canada when he noticed captured images of a UFO which appears to be hovering in the moon.

"It was out there for two or three hours," Haines said of the according to Inquistr. He added that he is the last man to believe in strange things like UFOs but this experience changed him. He noted that the object is too large to be a plane and there were no stars in the sky that night.

On the other hand, a past case of UFO sighting in Manchester, England was reported to UFO Sightings Daily on Monday, Jan. 2. The UFO was described to be an orb-like object which is smaller compared to other UFO from other reports. It is said to be translucent and can blend in the environment.

A witness from Manchester relates he was in the car with his brother when he saw a ball with "different colored lights" hovering in the in the sky. He took the a photo of it while they were driving and went back to observe it more, but it miraculously disappeared as they approach it.

Another eyewitness reported a UFO disk surrounded by thick layers of clouds spotted in a highway in Korea on Jan. 1. The witness described it resembles a Taeguk (Yin Yang symbol). UFO sightings were also reported from Australia and Mexico. An alleged UFO activity was reported by Latest UFO Sightings from Victoria, Australia from a video recorded on Jan. 1. Meanwhile, a UFO was spotted hovering beside a plane in Tijuana, Mexico on Dec. 28.

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