Elizabeth Warren 2020: Will Her Fight For Marijuana Business Help?

Due to the latest developments in the political arena focusing on marijuana legalization, the Elizabeth Warren 2020 campaign is making buzz at the moment.

US Senator Elizabeth Warren, a Massachusetts Democrat, is currently leading the legal battle in encouraging banks to help finance the marijuana business as it steadily grows in several states.

Since the campaign for medical and recreational marijuana use gained sufficient momentum that resulted to its legalization these past years, the senator is determined to make sure that all goes well as pot is slowly integrated in the industry.

It is a well-known fact that most banks are hesitant to provide financial services to marijuana business owners due to its novelty and questionable history.

The senator, a member of the Senate Banking Committee, wants banks to understand that Marijuana businesses are now being legitimized and therefore should be offered the same treatment as any other regular business, Denver Post  says.

The Elizabeth Warren 2020 campaign is further cemented when she is supported in her effort by enthusiastic potential voters in believing the importance of bringing in the pot business in a more acceptable light.

Warren and other senators are currently fighting for the $7 billion marijuana business to finally get a chance to flourish and get out of the fiscal limbo it has been in. To do this, banks should be in full support to pot shop owners so that they can eventually get away from the cash-only mode which makes them easy targets to criminals.

Most importantly, Warren hopes to provide marijuana shop owners the financial capability and security to have their drugs tested for harmful substances by expert chemists. Also, she stresses the importance of security firms for marijuana shops. Pot business owners should be able to afford all these legally with the support of banks, Fox Business reports.

Recently, a number of states have legally approved medical and recreational use of marijuana, although some states set hefty fees for it as reported earlier. Whatever the outcome of the marijuana industry, pot is sure to play a significant role on the Elizabeth Warren 2020 campaign.

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